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UNWIRED HEALTH: Pre Commercial Procurement for a system to manage heart failure using mobile technologies

Procurement authority:
Fundaciˇ Ticsalut
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Contract types:
Public-Private collaboration
Tender procedure:
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Contract data

Description of contract:
TicSalut (Spain), NHS24 (UK, in partnership with NHS greater Glasgow and Clyde) and Region South Denmark (Denmark) are partners in the European project Unwired Health aimed at generating a new mHealth system for Heart Failure (HF) management. Considering the needs of both clinicians and patients, looking for the most convenient tools to improve the monitoring of HF patients.
The system must be secure, interoperable and fully integrated with the technological systems of health care providers and with the care coordination platforms (either local, regional or national level).
The procuring entity of the solution will be TicSalut, acting on behalf of the other two procuring entities listed above.
Unwired Health consortium would like to invite all interested European parties (large enterprises, SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs, research and development centres, etc.) active in sectors of healthcare, mobile applications, security and interoperability to participate to the market consultation process that the project is carrying out.
To access the available information about the procedure of market consultation, please access:

This PIN is being published as part of the pre-commercial procurement market consultation to investigate the feasibility and options to deliver mobile, secure, interoperable and fully integrated with the clinical management systems from the procuring regions.
The purpose of this PIN is to:
1. ┐ Forewarn the market that a procurement exercise may begin in the future.
2. ┐ Alert the market about the innovation requirements, prior to any potential procurement process.
3. ┐ Facilitate participation in the market consultation process and ensure that the pre-commercial procurement programme is open and transparent.
This PIN is an indication only of a potential future procurement activity and is not a commitment to procure.
This PIN is not part of any pre-qualification or selection process.
Tender budget:
1,735,536.00 € sense IVA € 2,099,998.56 incl. VAT (21.00 %)
Geographical area:
Estimated value of contract:
1,735,536.00 € sense IVA
Electronic auction:

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