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Could you please bring clarification to the following questions all related to lot 1 for Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital: 1. With regards to the requirement of a minimum of 2 pacemaker companies plus extraction equipment companies, this would require the awarded supplier to base a 3rd party materials management person in the cardiac Cath labs at Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital. Is this something that would be acceptable to the trust? 2. The number of pacemakers currently in follow up for Medtronic (2400) does not seem correct given that historical ordering trend from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital for these products over the past few years has been very low. Please confirm whether this is an accurate value, if not please advise what it should be. 3. Regarding the essential requirement for remote monitoring assistance centre that reviews all transmissions – Would it be acceptable to have a system that was able to do this only for a single supplier's devices? 4. Regarding the minimal requirement for home monitoring services to allow monitoring of all manufacturers devices, would it be acceptable to have a system that only does this for one supplier's devices, with the hospital retaining their own access to other manufacturers systems?

Òrgan de contractació:
Fundació de Gestió Sanitària de l'Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
Codi d'expedient:
OBE 17-378


Resposta: 1. It is not a requirement as specified in the tender documentation, but if the bidder sees value on it, it can be included in the operational plan contained in the bid for the trust to evaluate the proposal. The person in charge could be the same profile of technician coming in sometimes to implants of ICD for example). 2. The number of Medtronic brady pacemakers in follow up at LHCH is nearer 240. 3. No, it would not be acceptable. The technical specifications state that it is required to create an Assistance Centre for Remote Monitoring to collect and review ALL transmissions. But the way to perform it should be decided by the bidder: it could be automatic for one brand and manually for the others, incorporate other suppliers' transmissions during the contract, etc 4. No, it will not be acceptable. The technical specifications state that the bidder will provide the necessary infrastructure for the remote monitoring of 100% of the pacemakers that will be implanted during the execution of the contract. The way the provider will do it (automatically, manually, etc.) should be described in the operational plan.

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