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11.- In the description of the tender, it is specified that it is required the development of a technology that detects volatile organic compounds associated with specific types of bacteria. We wonder, if it is possible to offer other types of technologies, highly effective in detecting these bacteria, but where the principle is not based on the measurement of volatile organic compounds. Thanks in advance for the answer.

Òrgan de contractació:
Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya
Codi d'expedient:


Economic operators' bids must comprise volatile organic compounds (VOC) detection technologies, which may work together with other types of technologies provided that such technologies allow them to reach better performance and still fully comply with ANTI-SUPERBUGS specifications and requirements. As specified in the Glossary of the Challenge Brief (file name in the platform: "Technical prescriptions", accessible at the 'Most recent correction tab' here: ): "(¿) Different technologies are used to detect the volatile organic compounds and they depend on the detection principle (according to the nature of the physical signal they measure), sensor types and sensitive materials (¿)". Consequently, ANTI-SUPERBUGS buyers group is not requiring the development of a specific technology but indeed requiring the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC) without specifying the technology. Through VOC detection ANTI-SUPERBUGS buyers group enables the satisfaction of one of their main identified common needs: the continuous real time detection of contaminations/colonisations of fomites (e.g.: patient exhaled breath, skin flora and surfaces in contact with the patient (e.g. as linen or gowns)) and hospital environments, without making use of any intrusive or invasive sampling.

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