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Per motius tŔcnics vinculats a la propera posada en funcionament de la nova Plataforma de Serveis de Contractaciˇ P˙blica estÓ programat un segon tall de servei de la Plataforma, que comportarÓ que no estigui disponible del divendres 24 de febrer a les 8h fins al dilluns 27 de febrer a les 8h aproximadament -la durada exacta d'aquest interval previst constarÓ inscrita en el Registre d'incidŔncies de la pr˛pia Plataforma.


10. - Having read the OJEU notice above and visited the website, it is not clear which documentation needs to be presented to formally express an interest in the Pre Commercial Phase of this project, and therefore be assessed to enter Stage 1 of the Anti Super Bugs challenge process. I and colleagues would be very grateful indeed for any advice, URLs o'r suggestions about how best to proceed. With kind regards

Ďrgan de contractaciˇ:
AgŔncia de Qualitat i Avaluaciˇ SanitÓries de Catalunya
Codi d'expedient:


1- To get an overview of the call go here (there you will find a link to a Tutorial for bidders) and here (there you will find a summary of the Challenge Brief) 2- To gain access to the Call for Tender documents go here: (make sure to have always checked the tab 'Most recent correction') 3- Download and read carefully the full set of documents starting from the Challenge Brief (file name: Technical prescriptions) and continuing with the Request for Tenders (file name: Administrative clauses) and all its annexes (from 1.1 to 1.8) (look at the 'Tutorial for bidders' to know in which order you should read the documents) 4- Read all the Questions&Answers published here to clarify all the doubts you could have and that maybe have been already answered 5- In regards to the specific question 'which documentation needs to be presented': a. first read the sections 4.1 and 4.2 of the Request for Tenders (file name: Administrative clauses) b. than, as already replied on 07/08/2019 17:32h to the question 'Is there any specific form to be used to submitt proposals?', read the Annex III (file name 1.3_ANTI-SUPERBUGS_RfT_Pliegos_ANNEX III_Tender Forms+FinancialBid_EN_ES.pdf) that contains all the forms that have to be included when submitting your proposal. Do not hesitate to come back to us for any further question or doubt


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