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Based on our experience, what we could offer is the implementation of software that we have demonstrated in several US hospitals that reduce the cases of sepsis or infections acquired in the hospital, as well as help implement processes that reduce it or prevent it from acquiring them based on individualized risk. Part of the tenderness is about the creation of a device for the detection of infections, part in which we have no expertise. Can you create collaborations with other companies? Do you know about companies that were interested in the first part?

Òrgan de contractació:
Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya
Codi d'expedient:


In agreement with section 3.2, "Tenders may be submitted by autonomous investigators and entities, individually or in collaboration with others. The latter can involve either submitting a joint tender or subcontracting, as provided below. " Companies can submit their partner search request in the form available on the project website : and check on the partnership offers of the website :


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