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Public Procurement


The service of subscriptions to the daily novelties is already operative for the subscriptions of the Platform of public recruitment services. The publications of the Platform of the State are not incorporated, by technical problems. In the moment in that the incidence is solved definitively the service of subscription will be normalized with the publications of both platforms.


Tenderer profile

Ajuda Help document

The contractor profile is a set of services aimed at contractors. The objective is to provide a space for each tenderer with a set of tools that facilitate access to (and management of) calls for tender of interest to them, as well as collaboration and communication between tenderers, and the improvement of innovation in the framework of public procurement.

Profile data

View and update corporative information and contact details about the tenderer


My competitive tenders

List of calls for tender that the tenderer has indicated as being of interest, where you can indicate your interest in submitting a tender on a joint basis with other companies.


Meeting point



Innovation mail box

List and submission of innovative proposals by tenderers addressed to the contracting authorities regarding products and services developed by them that may be of interest to the contracting authorities.


My Offers

List of proposals made online bidding and its associated files. It does not include bids submitted as externally to the platform.

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